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Trust Administration

Fairfax Trust Administration Attorneys

More people are using trusts as a means of passing along a legacy and caring for their family after they have passed away. Being named a trustee is both an honor and a serious responsibility. Trust administration may involve complex duties and confusing legal and reporting requirements.

Upon the death of a loved one, assets such as real estate or retirement accounts may enter into a bypass (family) trust for the benefit of the surviving spouse. The proper planning and administration of these trusts are vital in order to avoid potentially serious estate tax consequences.

Are you searching for an experienced attorney to help you with trust administration in Fairfax? Hale Ball Carlson Baumgartner Murphy, PLC offers knowledgeable legal guidance and caring support to individuals in Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland in the administration of trusts.

Our attorneys take a comprehensive, fact-based approach to trust administration advice, including:

  • Helping trustees understand what they can and cannot do
  • Advising trustees regarding obligation to report to beneficiaries
  • Assisting trustees in dealing with troublesome beneficiaries
  • Minimizing exposure to liability by ensuring that tax filings are done right the first time
  • Educating clients in proper record keeping and reporting procedures

Few people can be expected to understand the full implications of trust administration duties without the help of an experienced lawyer who can help you translate the terms of the trust into concrete actions and duties.

Disputes Over a Trustee's Performance

Disagreements can arise over the management of a trust by the trustee. A trustee may not share information with the beneficiaries or may not be making distributions in accordance with the terms of the trusts. Circumstances can change and the original purpose of the trust may no longer be met; these are legal issues that may require court intervention.

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