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Virginia Trusts

Valuable Components of an Estate Plan

A trust is an arrangement under which a person or institution, called the trustee, holds the title to property for the benefit of another person called the beneficiary. The person who establishes the trust is called the "settlor" or "trustor." Often the settlor, the trustee and the beneficiary will, at least initially, be the same person. There are living trusts, which are set up with a Fairfax estate planning attorney while a person is alive, and testamentary trusts, which are set up in a will to become effective after a person's death.

A trust that is established while you are still living and created for the lifetime management of property is known as an intervivos or living trust. The trust can be revocable, meaning that it can be amended or terminated at any time. The trust can be funded by titling accounts and assets to the trust, or left unfunded, depending upon state law. In managing assets, trusts allow for continuity of management and centralization of record keeping.

A living trust is not subject to court supervision, and can be used to avoid probate. Through use of "spendthrift" provisions, when the beneficiary is not the settlor, it has the potential of protecting assets from the claims of creditors of the beneficiaries.

Benefits of Establishing a Trust

A trust is an effective method for providing for asset management and protection of resources in the event of illness or incapacity. It is a particularly useful tool for larger estates with multiple or complex assets or where there is no close family member available to act as agent.

The following trusts can be used to minimize or avoid taxes:

  • Life insurance trust
  • Charitable remainder or lead trust
  • Personal residence trust
  • Settlor retained income trust
  • Qualified terminable interest property trust (QTIP).

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