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Powers of Attorney

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Are you searching for a lawyer for powers of attorney in Fairfax? A well drafted medical or financial power of attorney is the first line of defense against the unexpected. Creating a power of attorney is one of the few protective actions you can take before a medical or financial crisis occurs. They allow you to appoint an individual to step in during times that you become incapacitated or disabled.

Without a power of attorney, the government steps in and plays a part in your incapacitation. Many people overlook the utility of powers of attorney and deem them not as important as "getting our wills done." Any spouse or caretaker who has been denied access to bank accounts to pay bills or to medical records needed for a disability application, can tell you that powers of attorney are a necessity.

Appointing an Agent on Your Behalf

Our Fairfax estate planning lawyers believe that these are highly personal and difficult decisions that should be made by you, not a distraught child, a distant nephew, and definitely not the state.

  • Naming an agent and stating your desires in a medical power of attorney helps you to retain control.
  • A power of attorney not only tells your agent what to do, but gives him or her the authority to do it.
  • A good power of attorney will be general enough to authorize your agent to do anything he or she must do to protect your rights and wishes, but not so broad as to be vague.
  • A power of attorney should be specific enough for the hospital, government or financial institution to be convinced of and rely upon the authority you have given to your agent.

By executing a power of attorney when you have the mental capacity and the time to think through difficult choices, you are retaining control of your life for a time when you may be temporarily or permanently disabled.

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