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Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Is your loved one a victim?

If your elderly loved one has fallen victim to financial mistreatment or economic abuse, Hale Ball Carlson Baumgartner Murphy, PLC can help. Partners Jean Galloway Ball and Kimberley Ann Murphy have extensive experience in litigating these claims of financial exploitation. Jean is certified in Elder Law and is consistently selected as a SuperLawyer® in the field. Kim is a SuperLawyer® in Estate & Trust Litigation.

What is financial exploitation?

Financial exploitation is the illegal use of another person's resources for personal use or profit. This can occur when an individual misuses or takes the assets of a vulnerable elderly or disabled person for personal gain. Financial exploitation of the elderly often occurs without the knowledge or consent of the elderly adult; therefore, depriving him or her of vital financial resources.

Common types of financial exploitation include:

  • Theft of cash, valuables, medications, and personal property
  • Forgeries, unauthorized check writing
  • Unauthorized sales or transfers of real estate
  • Contractors or handymen who receive payment for incomplete or unnecessary work
  • Lottery scams involving the collection of unclaimed prizes
  • "Phishing" whereby emails trick the elderly person to surrender bank passwords
  • Investments made without consent, or excessive trading activity to generate commissions
  • Improper or fraudulent use of power of attorney or fiduciary authority
  • Charging excessive fees for goods or services

Contact a Fairfax Elder Law Attorney

Financial exploitation of the elderly and disabled be by a person known to the victim or financial abuse by a stranger. If you notice signs such as unpaid bills despite adequate income, checks written to "cash" or in excessive amounts for work around the house, unexplained changes to wills or other estate documents, or unexplained disappearances of cash, your loved one may be a victim of financial exploitation.

If you believe your loved is a victim of financial exploitation, we urge you to contact our office to schedule a consultation with a Fairfax elder lawyer from our firm. We will be able to evaluate your situation, and give you advice on how best to take legal action and put a stop to the exploitation.