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Nonagenarian Wedding Leads to Legal Problems

A 96-year-old woman was recently married in Alexandria, Virginia. Her husband, aged 95, has been her companion since they met more than a decade ago. Although the newlyweds are thrilled with their new relationship, not everyone shares the same sentiments.

Problems have arisen on account of the fact that the bride is legally incapacitated, and was married without court approval. Additionally, the marriage has given her new husband rights to the estate. Both of these issues have led to legal and familial concern. Of the woman's family, only one of two daughters approved of the marriage. Many other family members were simply unaware that the matrimony had taken place. Their concerns were taken to a court hearing.

In the hearing, a judge expressed concern that the woman was wed without legal permission. Still, divorce seems neither pressing nor beneficial, and the judge has moved guardianship responsibility to a newly appointed lawyer. The attorney will analyze the situation to determine an appropriate course of action. Provided the marriage does not cause any harm to the new bride's family or estate, she will not dissolve the marriage. In spite of the controversy surrounding their marriage, the couple is quite happy and seems to benefit from the company.

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